Summer Activitys

Some really good summer activitys good be going in a pool or have a pool party. You could also dye your hair and that is what I am doing right now while I am typing this. You could also hang out at the mall or go to cedar point of crest your on mini carnival in your backyard!



This is our school!

Don’t be scared at all because it is going to be just fine. Remember to stay hidrated and have a snack.
Tell me if you have a question about the show or anything like that!!

Spring Fun

You will want to watch Moana or a spring movie to get some ideas to do.

You will want to be outside a lot and have some compiney with you.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I don’t want to watch it go by me. There are many things you can do like go to the pool or go to Disney World or something fun.

The Perfect Sleepover

You will certainly want to give them treats such as a sundaé.!

Make sure they become besties if there’re just friends.

Some things that you could do for them is go to a mall or go to an ice cream shop or maby to park. The park at the least. Just remember they never say I’m bored just make sure they are having the best time ever each time they come over.

Winter fun

I never really like winter but one thing I do like is when all the kids are out and playing and the parents are out shoveling or snowblowing or snow plowing there driveways. My top one thing that I like about winter is all the white covering the city and the children inside except for me and it is peaceful and quiet! 😂🤗

DIY garlands 

For this DIY you will need scissors, string or ribbon, and tissue paper. First, fold the tissue paper into a square. Then, cut strips up to about half way. Then, unfold and cut up and down on the folds. After that roll then twist the center. Make a loop and put it aside. Keep going until done. Last, put onto a string or ribbon and tie it!